Colorado has hundreds of craft breweries,
distilleries, and wine bars. If you had a bit
too much fun, we’ll be there to help you pick
up the pieces. Our hangover cures are sure
to get you back on your game.


Because we are staffed by physicians and
nurses, we can give you powerful
medications that are normally only by
prescription. The flu is no fun. Our docs and
nurses will help.


Whether you finished your first marathon, feel crushed after a cross fit work out, or just climbed a 14’er, our athletic packages will get you back to competition or activity fast. Colorado is an active place. Get back out there!


Divine Hydration Therapies is a unique medical service offered
to Denver, Colorado. Founded by two board-certified
emergency medicine physicians and staffed by certified nurses,
we offer IV hydration, medication, and vitamin

Whether you are suffering from a hangover, minor illness, or
exerted yourself too hard physically, our IV hydration therapies
are sure to get you feeling like your normal self fast.

We are currently treating clients through the Reveal Spa, which is located at 4100 East Mississippi Ave, Suite 120. Denver, CO. 80246.

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