The Science

Why it Works

Dr. Adler and Dr. Dannemiller are both emergency medicine physicians and practice right here in Colorado. While at work in the emergency department, they treat critically ill trauma patients, stroke victims, and patients with massive heart attacks. But they also treat thousands of patients who are suffering from less severe illnesses like the flu, migraines, dehydration, or altitude sickness. Their main therapy options for these patients include IV fluids with vitamins, minerals, and intravenous medications.

It was this patient base that lead to the idea that some people could receive the same medication and IV fluids, but without the stress or hassle of going to an emergency department. What if there was a way to bring those medications and IV fluids to you?

And that idea is where Divine Hydration Therapies was born. The knowledge and medical therapies provided by emergency physicians and nurses, in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel.

Dr. John Myers was the first physician to introduce the idea of using intravenous fluids, vitamins, and minerals to treat ailments, such as fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, allergies, asthma, and digestive problems. The combination of fluid, vitamins, and minerals, is now commonly referred to as a “Myers Cocktail.” Here at Divine Hydration Therapies, we have created our own Myers Cocktail. It contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin c, and numerous B-vitamins. It is designed to help you get back to your normal strength and well-being fast.

Often, patients suffering from fatigue, dehydration, altitude sickness, or gastrointestinal disturbances are unable to drink enough fluid to keep their body hydrated. Furthermore, many illnesses and conditions are associated with digestive disturbances that prevent absorption of the nutrients needed to return to full health. Many diseases and conditions also cause the body to use nutrients at a faster rate. By injecting this combination of fluid and supplements through a vein, we bypass the slow absorption times in the stomach and increase levels in the bloodstream quickly. This causes a kick-start to the system and improves healing times.

Many people have difficulty getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet. Denver is known to be a city that works hard and plays hard. It is this culture that causes many people to get run down and fatigued. Our intravenous solutions are a good way to get that boost you need to start feeling a bit more divine.


Divine Hydration Therapies is run by physicians and nurses. We understand the limits of the healthcare society, most notably the frequent drug shortages. We do not stock or supply fluids, medications, or vitamins that are in short supply and vital to patients in need. Furthermore, we would never compromise the care of our patients. We are trained to recognize critically ill patients. If your nurse or physician thinks you are too sick to receive therapy at home, they will assist you in getting the care you need. This may include recommending you see your primary care provider or going to an emergency department. You are our main concern and we take pride in providing you with the care that you need.